General Funding for the LifeRing Organization

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Please Give to LifeRing!

LifeRing Secular Recovery is a volunteer-based organization made up of our Convenors, who lead our weekly meetings, Board of Directors Officers, and other LifeRing members who help with various organization-related tasks and do not receive any compensation for their work. We are monetarily supported by local meetings, literature sales, and donors like you.

If you haven't already made a gift to LifeRing this year, please give generously now – and if you have already done so, along with our thanks, please consider adding to your already generous support. Your gift is important in making sure that LifeRing survives and continues to grow. Your tax-deductible contribution helps to cover costs for our outreach efforts such as providing a strong LifeRing presence at national addiction and recovery conferences, giving materials to Convenors who need them, website maintenance, keeping the lights and phones on, and staying ready and able to help wherever we are called.